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akron oh personal injury attorney

Kevin Sandel, Attorney at Law

Thank you for visiting the Sandel Law Firm’s website. I assume you are here looking for specific information as to why you should hire me to represent you or a family member. Let me tell you why I should be your next Akron OH personal injury attorney. I have INSIDER knowledge that other law firms do not, and it is that INSIDER KNOWLEDGE that will lead to OUTSTANDING RESULTS for you and your case.

Prior to opening my own firm, I worked for one of the largest personal injury law firms in Ohio. There, I represented hundreds and hundreds of injured parties from all across the state. I fought extremely hard against the insurance companies to maximize my clients’ compensation. The reason I was able to do that better than most is what I uniquely bring and makes me stand out from other law firms. Other law firms can say that they have represented insurance companies, but virtually no other law firm can say that they have attorneys who have worked on the INSIDE of an insurance company.

Akron OH Personal Injury Attorney

As a former insurance industry employee, I worked directly inside four different insurance companies. Inside the day to day operations of the claims office, I worked in many claims jobs, from a claims adjuster to a claims attorney, and everything in between. I know what the insurance companies are looking for when they evaluate your injury claim, both the good and the bad. Trained in the techniques that insurance companies use to evaluate injury claims, things like property damage, medical terminology, I know how and why one injury is worth more (or less) than another.

I know how the insurance companies try to undermine, then underpay your injury claim. I know that they are looking you up on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to see what you are saying to your friends about your claim, to see if you are still doing the same activities that you did before your accident. I know that they are comparing the vehicle damage to your injuries and drawing conclusions based solely on pictures. I know that they think that a “soft tissue” injury is no big deal. Bottom line – my insider insurance company knowledge gives me the edge against other firms that will allow me to maximize your accident compensation.

Please call me to schedule a free, in-person consultation, at my office or your home, to discuss your injury claim and see how I can use my INSIDER KNOWLEDGE to get you OUTSTANDING RESULTS on your claim today.

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