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Legal protections for truck accident victims

This blog recently discussed the serious threat truck accidents pose to victims. Unfortunately, accidents involving semi-trucks, commercial vehicles and large trucks have increased since 1992. Additionally, efforts to improve trucking regulations or enforce existing trucking regulations have not been a priority. Truck accidents can cause both catastrophic injuries to victims and deathso it is important for victims to be familiar with their legal protections.

It is possible to hold both a truck driver and negligent company, depending on the relationship between the truck driver and negligent company, accountable for the harm suffered by the victim if either both were negligent in causing the truck accident. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that insurance companies are oftentimes involved in compensating victims and their families for the harm suffered in a truck accident.

Three semi-truck accidents injure several victims

Truck accident victims are legally protected. A series of truck accidents in Ohio on the freeway recently left several victims injured. The first accident took place less than two hours south of the Akron area between a semi-truck and at least two passenger vehicles and several injuries were reported. The second accident was between two semi-trucks and two passenger vehicles. The third accident involved a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle and 3 victims were transported to a local hospital following the third semi-truck accident.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the three truck accidents. Truck accidents can cause extensive damages and harm that victims did not plan for and were not prepared for. Victims may suffer physical injuries, medical expenses and they attempt to heal from the harm they have suffered, lost wages as they are unable to work during the recovery process and pain and suffering as they may struggle emotionally with the unexpected changes and challenges caused by a truck accident.

Biking safety tips may help you stay safe on the road

Biking safety tips may help you stay safe on the road. As a bicyclist, you certainly know that serious dangers and risks exist when biking near roadways. When it comes to staying safe, you likely understand that a considerable amount of responsibility lands on you. By taking the proper safety precautions, you may lessen the chance of your being involved in a serious, injury-causing accident.

Though jumping on your bike for a quick ride may seem fun, you should take the time to carry out safety steps before and during your ride. By adhering to the following examples of bike safety, you may better protect yourself while getting exercise, traveling to an intended destination or simply enjoying a ride.

Understanding compensation available after a car accident

Different types of compensation may be available to individuals injured or otherwise harmed in a car accident. Damages that may be available can include medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. A personal injury claim for damages can help victims recover the compensation they need for the damages they have suffered because of a car accident caused by a negligent driver.

Victims of car accidents harmed by a negligent driver may receive compensation for medical expenses, including future medical care that may be needed as a result of the injuries they have suffered. Types of medical treatment and expenses can include physical therapy; cognitive therapy; ambulance costs; disfigurement; permanent disability; consultations with healthcare professionals; in-home services and medical accessories needed to treat their injuries.

Victims have legal protections following a pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accidents can have a dramatic impact on the lives of victims and their families. Each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,000 victims die in fatal pedestrian accidents. Additionally, during 2012, 76,000 pedestrian accident victims were struck and injured in auto-pedestrian accidents. The consequences to victims can be significant.

When a pedestrian has been injured they may suffer extensive physical, financial and emotional damages including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. Victims may feel that they are left trying to recover from the harm they have suffered following a pedestrian accident and are left unable to work and struggling with medical expenses and other expenses.

Fatal accidents on the rise in Ohio thanks to distracted driving

A number of loved ones have tragically been lost in Ohio over the past dozen or so years due to distracted driving or suspected distracted driving. Distracted driving was identified in nearly 14,000 car accidents in Ohio during 2016. In addition, car accident fatalities increased for the first time in 50 years during 2015 and talking, texting, and use of the internet while driving were identified as major factors causing the increase.

The number of distractions, including everyday activities distracted drivers sometimes engage in, is thought to be increasing. Distracted driving certainly includes cell phone use, internet use while driving and texting while driving but it also includes other behaviors such as operating a navigation system or radio while driving, eating while driving, grooming while driving and engaging with passengers while driving.

What victims should do following a car accident

The steps car accident victims take following a car accident can be important if the need to later seek compensation for damages. Unfortunately, there may be obstacles when a car accident victim pursues a claim for damages, however, a personal injury claim for damages is an important legal tool for injured victims struggling with physical, financial and emotional damages following a car accident.

Knowing what steps to take following a car accident is important. Car accident victims should promptly obtain the medical care and treatment they need following a car accident. It is important to report the car accident to both insurance companies but car accident victims should not make a statement to the insurance company. Any damages should also be photographed.

Braking distance and what that could mean for your truck accident

Truck accidents have the capability to cause extreme damage and injury to individuals in small vehicles. Due to the heavier weight and size of these larger vehicles, it is much more difficult to bring a large semitrailer to a complete stop. As a result, braking distance is a significant factor in a large number of Ohio truck accidents.

The men and women who drive large trucks have the obligation to ensure that they are safe and vigilant at all times. In many cases, truck accidents are preventable. If you believe that your accident was the result of a truck driver who did not have sufficient braking distance or was driving recklessly, you could have a valid reason to move forward with a civil claim.

Help for victims of pedestrian accidents

Unfortunately, pedestrians are exceptionally vulnerable on the roadways and can suffer serious injuries and death when an auto-pedestrian accident takes place. Pedestrians struck by a motor vehicle can suffer a litany of serious injuries, as well as physical and financial harm. Being involved in an unexpected auto versus pedestrian accident can be emotionally traumatic and leave victims with a long recovery process ahead of them.

Pedestrian accidents can result in physical, financial and emotional damages victims may need help with. Personal injury legal protections can help victims recover compensation for the medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering damages they are likely to suffer following a pedestrian accident. A claim for damages can be brought against a negligent driver responsible for causing an auto-pedestrian accident and the harm the victim has suffered.

What to know if you are injured by a commercial vehicle

Operating any motor vehicle requires training, safety precautions and an understanding of state and federal traffic laws. The same is true whether you drive a motorcycle or a massive commercial vehicle. However, it is the commercial vehicle drivers who can cause the most damage if they fail to operate their vehicle safely and properly.

With this in mind, we encourage you to understand a few important things about commercial vehicle accident claims and what options you have in the aftermath of a crash.

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