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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can cause extremely harmful injuries and, consequently, extremely expensive medical bills. Many motorcyclists are protected under state motorcycle laws that make negligent drivers responsible and liable to injured motorcyclists. Bikers may have the right to obtain compensation for injuries and the cost of vehicle repairs. If you or your family member lives in Ohio, you are protected under Ohio motorcycle law.

I have worked directly for many insurance companies, inside their day-to-day operations. I know what the insurance companies are looking for when they evaluate your injury claim. You MUST act quickly to get the necessary medical treatment you need to avoid the argument that you delayed getting medical care. Insurance companies have trained adjusters and attorneys who are already trying to find ways to limit your compensation. Their job is to settle your claim as quickly AND as cheaply as possible, even if it is your own insurance company. DO NOT GET FOOLED BY AN EARLY CASH OFFER TO SETTLE YOUR CLAIM!

If you hire me, you owe me no money up front to represent you for this accident, nor will you get a monthly bill from me. I get paid on a contingency fee basis, which essentially means I don’t get paid unless you get paid. I can even assist you with the vehicle damage portion of your case at no cost.

At the Sandel Law Firm, you will be personally represented by the managing partner of the firm, Kevin Sandel. Your initial consultation is always free, whether that is at my office, at your home or another convenient location. Call to schedule an appointment today by calling toll-free (844) INJ-ATTY (465-2889) or (330) 794-5482, or use this website to email me directly.

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