Many people wear sunglasses on a regular basis. Some individuals may do so as a fashion statement, and others may simply appreciate the protection sunglasses provide their eyes. In particular, having sunglasses on when driving on sunny days could help reduce the risk of having an accident, but only if you have the right pair.

While your shades may be able to block some sun glare, you may want to understand that the type of sunglasses you wear could affect your driving. Before you grab your favorite pair of sunnies and hit the road, you may want to give them a once over to determine whether they are truly safe for driving.


The quality of sunglasses is more important than you might think. Because you can find shades in almost any store, you may not think twice about grabbing a pair from the gas station and putting them on. However, some lower-quality sunglasses could actually distort your vision, which could impact the way you see while driving.

One way to test the quality of your glasses is to hold them out and look through the lenses at a straight edge. If the edge seems curved or warped through the lenses, the glasses may not be suitable for driving.


The color of the lenses could also impact your vision. You certainly have a number of options when it comes to the color of your lenses, but rather than opting for a trendy pink, blue or green pair, you may want to stick with a gray tint. Other colors could alter the way your eyes perceive outside colors, and as a result, you may have issues when you come to a traffic light. Gray lenses work to reduce brightness and glare without distorting outside color.


You may love your favorite pair of sunglasses, but do they fit you as well as they should? You may find yourself sliding the glasses up your nose often, or the edges of the lenses may get in the way of your peripheral vision. If either of these are the case, your favorite pair may actually hinder your driving ability by causing distraction and impeded vision.

You may not have considered how important of a role your sunglasses could play while driving. Unfortunately, other drivers may not either. As a result, something as simple as having a pair of sunglasses that distorts a person’s vision could lead to a serious car accident.