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Distracted driving can lead to fatal pedestrian collisions

Most Ohio drivers know that it is dangerous to use their smartphones or other handheld electronic devices while they are operating vehicles. This is because using such devices takes their attention away from the roads and places it on objects that can prevent them from seeing obstacles and other hazards before them. Distracted driving due to texting or surfacing the internet can lead to collisions between vehicles but it can also lead to collisions between automobiles and people.

Pedestrian accidents occur when human beings are hit by cars. While in some cases pedestrians may make poor choices about their safety and may contribute to their own harm, it is often the case that a pedestrian was following the law and the rules of the road when they were struck by a vehicle driven by someone who was just not paying attention to what they should have been doing.

After a distracted driving or texting and driving pedestrian accident, a victim has legal rights. The have the right to seek legal counsel and they have the right to pursue their losses from the driver who hit them with their vehicle. Evidence of distracted driving may be introduced at trial to prove that a driver was not operating with the proper duty of care at the time the accident with the pedestrian victim occurred.

Distracted driving can take on many forms and pedestrian victims of these types of collisions can suffer serious injuries and even death. After a pedestrian accident it is important for victims to seek medical attention and to begin assessing the possible personal injury cases against the driver whose negligence resulted in their suffering.

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