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Social Media Could Ruin Your Car Accident Claim

Being in a car accident is a big deal. You might be tempted to share the news, and social media offers great platforms for widespread updates. But before you share thoughts, feelings and other details online, think about how those posts will be viewed. What comments would the insurance company make? 

There are many things to considering when dealing with social media after a car accident claim, such as:

  • Privacy isn't so private. The first thing many people do after an accident is set their social media accounts to private. While doing so is wise, your profiles can still be accessed during a case. Defense attorneys have their ways. They can pull information from your accounts at any time, and even grab private messages. Privacy settings help to a certain extent. Your social media will no longer be visible to the public, and it prevents other users from tagging you in content. Unfortunately, you will need further protection, which includes using discretion when posting.
  • Being "too happy" is harmful. Car accidents are traumatic ordeals, especially for the injured. It's normal for victims to not only experience physical pain, but also emotional distress. However, posting cheery statuses and pictures online can sabotage your claim. The insurance company can take this information and use it against you. They may argue that you don't deserve compensation if there are no signs of suffering. While it's important to keep your head up, refrain from being overly positive on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Being bitter is, too. Insurance claim battles are stressful and lengthy. It's understandable that you might get frustrated. But venting these feelings online can be risky. Insurance adjusters and other people on the defense side could see negative posts about them and argue that you're negotiating in bad faith.
  • New friendships should wait. It seems ironic to avoid being social on social media, but for the time being, you should. Insurance adjusters and other insurance company employees might try to follow you on social media. If someone new requests to add or follow you, and you're not sure who they are, don't add them back.
  • Don't add, but don't delete. Overall, you should avoid posting on social media after a car accident.However, deleting pictures and posts from your social media is equally problematic. Once you share content, it's public. The defense could accuse you of destructing evidence if you make a post and then delete it.

Your lawyer should prep you on the do's and don'ts when filing a claim. You might also benefit from letting friends and family know the situation. Politely ask them to avoid tagging you in posts, sharing content on your timeline or referencing you in general. You deserve to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. By avoiding some common mistakes, it helps protect your case.

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