Did a drunk, distracted, sleepy or otherwise negligent driver hit you and cause you or passengers in your vehicle injury? If so, Ohio laws allow you to seek compensation for your losses through legal means. Many people feel going that far is not necessary, particularly if the responsible party has insurance. Here is a simple truth that many people do not like to hear: after a car accident, the insurance provider is not your friend.

Insurance companies are businesses. Yes, they are in the business of helping their clients and victims of their clients through difficult times, but that does not mean that they are also not doing everything possible to look out for their own bottom lines. After a car accident, the responsible party’s insurance provider will do everything possible to get you to accept the lowest settlement amount possible. They do not care if it covers all of your losses.

Settlement terms are negotiable

Some people think that they have to accept insurance settlement terms or walk away with nothing. This is not true. Settlement terms are negotiable. If parties cannot reach agreeable terms, it is possible to take the issue to court; however, insurance providers do try to avoid that.

What can I do if the insurance provider is acting in bad faith?

Sometimes, an insurance company’s tactics to get you to take a bare-bones settlement crosses a line. When that happens, some say they are acting in bad faith. This is actually illegal, and you can hold the company responsible for its actions. Below are a few common bad-faith tactics used by insurance providers:

  • Unreasonable delays
  • Failure to fully investigate
  • Refusing to pay a legally valid claim
  • Refusing to offer fair compensation
  • Deceptive practices
  • Threatening those who file claims

Anyone who believes that the insurance provider he or she is dealing with after a car accident is acting in bad faith can help themselves by reporting the issue to the state insurance board and seeking assistance in fighting for a fair settlement.

Get the relief you need and deserve

The physical, emotional and financial damages that may result from a car accident can affect you now and well into the future. If driver negligence contributed to your losses, you deserve fair compensation so that you can seek the help you need to recover and move forward. With the right assistance, you can take the steps necessary to seek maximum relief.