School is out, and you and your family are probably enjoying the Ohio summer days. You make the most of this time because it won’t be long before school is back in session and the snow starts to fall. Whether you are at the local park or in your own front yard, you take certain precautions to protect your children. They wear bike helmets and sunscreen, and you make sure they play where you can watch them.

However, in the blink of an eye, everything can change. If a neighbor’s dog attacks your child, you may feel helpless in those moments. Whether your child suffers a single bite or significant injuries, you have the right to be concerned. Animal attacks can result in devastating injuries, both physically and emotionally, and it is reasonable for you to want justice for your child.

Injuries and infections

A dog bite can be more serious than it looks. If a dog bites your child on the arm or leg, you may see a bruise or some blood from the puncture. However, it is important to let a doctor examine the wound because the pressure from the dog’s jaw may cause damage to the muscles, tendons or bones. Additionally, your child may be at risk of infection from the many bacteria in a dog’s mouth. In fact, most dog bites do become infected if they do not receive treatment.

One of the most devastating infections possible from a dog bite is rabies. If the dog that bites your child is not current on its vaccinations, your child may have to undergo a series of painful injections. If an infected dog bites your child and your child does not receive the appropriate treatment immediately, there is a chance your child could contract this deadly, incurable disease.

Life-changing injuries

While any injury to a child is serious, your child may end up with injuries that are far more complex than a bite on the arm or leg. If your child suffers life-threatening or disfiguring wounds, your family may have many years of struggle, painful surgeries and emotional scars ahead. Ohio law holds dog owners liable for the actions of their dogs, and you may wish to hold responsible the dog owner whose negligence or irresponsibility led to your child’s injury.

Dog bite cases are complex, and you may feel overwhelmed at this time. Seeking the assistance of a legal advocate with experience in this area of law may allow you to pursue the compensation your family deserves while you focus on your child’s recovery.