When Ohio residents hear about motor vehicle crashes, they often automatically assume a driver is at fault. While that is the case in many collisions, other factors could also cause or contribute to them. For instance, in a recent cement-truck accident, police must work to determine whether driver error, mechanical failure or both led to a multi-vehicle crash that caused serious injuries to some of the victims.

According to witness reports and video footage from a nearby business, the cement truck went speeding westbound down a hill when its driver lost control. Apparently, he attempted to get the vehicle off the road, but it only made matters worse. The full truck ended up careening into several vehicles on the eastbound side of the road.

By the time the truck finally came to rest, it had struck seven vehicles. Reports did not indicate the nature and extent of all the injuries due to this crash, but it was reported that two people did suffer serious injuries. Their current conditions are not known. The area in which the crash took place was closed for hours while local police and troopers with the Ohio State Highway Patrol conducted an investigation, which was not yet complete at last report.

The determination of whether this truck accident resulted from mechanical failure, driver error or both could not only affect whether any potential criminal charges, but also how any personal injury claims progress. Civil claims involving truck accidents often involve more than just a negligent or reckless driver. Making sure that all parties who may bear some financial responsibility are included in such claims is often one of the first priorities when preparing to move forward.