Let me tell you why I should be your next personal injury attorney. I have Insider Knowledge that other lawyers do not, and it is that Insider Knowledge that will lead to Outstanding Results for you and your case.

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Insurance Claims Do’s And Don’ts

After a motor vehicle accident, your insurance company and those representing the others involved will contact you. Initially, it may seem harmless, especially if you are speaking with your own insurance company. However, every time you talk to an insurance company representative without an attorney, they are gathering information for your claim. Even what may seem like innocent questions may result in an answer that could potentially be lessening the value of your injury claim.

Other important information:

  • Don’t give recorded statements to insurance representatives.
  • Don’t sign any medical wage loss forms provided by an insurance company.
  • Don’t post on social media. If a representative asks for social media access, do not provide it. Insurance companies are using social media to watch your activities, using it as a way to attack your personal injury claim.
  • Do seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you in your claim.

Profit-oriented insurance companies have adjusters trained to have their best interests at the forefront. This can result in minimizing the amount the company will pay for your injuries. To protect your interests, you need an experienced lawyer on your side from the beginning.

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Let me tell you why I should be your next personal injury attorney. I have insider knowledge that other lawyers do not, and it is that insider knowledge that will lead to outstanding results for you and your case.

Here’s what makes me stand out from other law firms in Ohio — some lawyers can say that they have represented insurance companies, but few can say that they have attorneys who have worked on the INSIDE of an insurance company.

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