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Car accidents are expensive for victims, legal action may help

Last week's informative post on the types of damages Ohio residents may be able to pursue through personal injury litigation after suffering injuries in vehicle accidents was intended to educate readers on how different types of losses are classified under the law. It was also intended to demonstrate to readers just how vast their damages may be if they are involved in devastating motor vehicle accidents. Damages are more than just the bills a person gets for the medical care their accident-related injuries require: they are financial, emotional, and sometimes penalizing forms of compensation for individuals who have suffered due to the conduct of others.

What types of damages may one seek after a car accident?

A car accident can change the course of an Ohio resident's life. Not only may they have serious injuries to recover from, but also they may find that they are unable to get back to living the life they had prior to becoming the victim of a violent vehicle crash. When a person suffers loses due to the negligence or recklessness of another person, they may be entitled to seek their damages through legal channels in the civil courts.

How can car accidents cause traumatic brain injuries?

The human brain is effectively the control system of a person's body. It sends signals to different parts of a person's body to stimulate movement and other necessary functions. When it is injured it can greatly affect many of the processes that Ohio residents count on to keep them alive and healthy.

Bizarre accident leads to death of Ohio woman

Although collisions between vehicles are not uncommon, not many accidents happen due to debris flying off of automobiles and crashing into others. However, this was just the scenario that took place outside of Dayton earlier this week. The accident occurred on Interstate 75 and involved two vehicles.

Legal representation for victims of summer vehicle accidents

During the summer, many Ohio residents take to the roads to enjoy a common American practice: the family road trip. As they pile into their cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles, families undoubtedly pack with them the supplies they will need to make their trips successful. Road trips can take a lot of planning, but when they are undertaken with preparation and care, they can be incredibly fun activities.

Law enforcement officials warn about preventable vehicle crashes

One of the most frustrating things about car accidents is that many of them are preventable. In fact, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has recently started a campaign to make drivers aware of one particularly common and avoidable type of crash: failure to yield collisions.

What are common forms of driving distractions?

Anyone who has tried to work while hungry or tired understands how hard it is to focus when their attention is on something other than their job. All across Ohio individuals struggle with distractions on a daily basis and while in most situations a distraction is only a momentary break from a more important task in some contexts distractions are potentially life-threatening perils.

Reckless driver causes head-on crash in Ohio

It is often the case that when a person drives negligently or recklessly and their actions cause a vehicle crash, they are part of the resulting collision. A recent accident in Ohio demonstrates how the actions of an uncontrolled driver put the lives of others in danger, despite the fact that the reckless driver's vehicle emerged from a crash unscathed.

What is a hit-and-run accident?

When a car accident occurs on an Akron road, it is normal for the uninjured parties involved in the crash to find a safe place to get out of their vehicles and to assess the damage that has happened. They will generally exchange pertinent information, such as their contact information, insurance providers and numbers and vehicle information so that they may make claims for the recovery of their losses.

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