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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bites

Who is liable if I am bitten by a dog?

Under Ohio law, the dog’s owner is responsible for all costs and any expenses that are directly related to being bitten. There are exceptions if you were harassing, tormenting or teasing the dog.

What types of compensation may I be awarded?

Our attorneys work hard to collect all compensation due to our clients, including lost wages (if any work was missed), medical expenses, damaged clothing or personal property, and any pain and suffering as a result of the trauma.

Should I talk with the dog’s owner first?

If you plan to file a personal injury claim, it is best not to discuss your case with the dog’s owner. Instead, contact our office for a free consultation about your options to recover all your expenses. With dog bites especially, pain and suffering is often a large part of the case, so it is advisable not to speak with the owners.

How long does it take to settle a dog bite claim?

An attorney may be able to reach a settlement for you within ninety days, but sometimes the severity of the physical injuries and any disputes of ownership may lengthen the time frame. And if you were bitten by a dog while working at someone’s property, you may also be entitled to workers’ compensation.

What happens to the dog that bit me?

The attack is usually reported to law enforcement, but the dog is generally not put down. Often the dog is placed on a “potentially dangerous dog” list. If the attack was severe or if the dog poses a threat to society, then a decision to impound or euthanize the dog will be made by the courts.

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