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Common elements in an auto-pedestrian accident case

A collision between a vehicle and an Akron resident can be devastating. While some victims may fully recover from their ordeals, others may live with the injuries they suffer in the accident for the rest of their lives. It is important to understand the elements of proof that an auto-pedestrian accident victim must plead and demonstrate in order to be successful in their plight for damages for their accident-related expenses.

First, practically all drivers owe other individuals in the roadways a duty of care to act reasonably, given the circumstances that they are driving in. This can mean slowing down if weather conditions are unfavorable, leaving sufficient space between vehicles in traffic and avoiding distractions that can take their eyes away from the roads. To this end, a driver will generally owe a pedestrian a duty to act reasonably and the existence of this duty is the first element of an auto-pedestrian case.

Waking up to the dangers of falling asleep behind the wheel

Ohio readers likely know that certain behaviors, such as distracted driving and speeding, can lead to the increased chance of a car accident. People are aware of the danger of negligent or reckless driving, but many fail to recognize the potential danger that comes from getting behind the wheel of a car while drowsy. 

Drowsy driving can be as dangerous as distracted driving in some respects. While most people have operated a motor vehicle while a little sleepy, there is a difference between being tired and being dangerously exhausted. Tired drivers can cause serious accidents, and in some cases, it may be possible to hold these parties accountable by filing a civil claim.

What physical injuries can result from a car accident?

When a vehicle is involved in a collision with another automobile the resulting damage can be dramatic. Any driver in Akron who has seen an accident on the side of a road or freeway may have witnessed bent metal, broken windows and shattered lights and lamps. If a collision can cause a vehicle made of steel and plastic to crumple and crease, it is not surprising that it can cause serious and sometimes life-threatening harm to the victims who are unfortunate enough to be inside the vehicles when the crash occurs.

From the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes, automobile accident victims can suffer a range of injuries. Concussions or damage to the brain is possible if victims strike their head on a steering wheel or other hard surface of a vehicle during an accident. Whiplash or neck and spinal damage can happen if victims are jerked forward and backward or side to side due to the impact of another vehicle causing a collision.

Getting the right help after a devastating pedestrian accident

Just as cars and trucks must obey the rules of the road, pedestrians too must follow certain regulations that are intended to keep everyone on the roads safe. They must cross the streets in crosswalks, wait for traffic signals to grant them safe access to roads and must use caution when traversing throughways that are not regulated by pedestrian safety measures.

However, even when pedestrians take every precaution available to them they are sometimes the victims of collision with automobiles. There are many reasons that crashes between vehicles and people happen, and many relate to the ways in which drivers operate their vehicles. Distracted drivers, speeding drivers and drivers who do not obey traffic signals and driving laws are all threats to pedestrians who must be in the roads to get to where they are going.

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident

Countless people across the country travel by car each and every day. While the vast majority of these journeys are completed without incident, there are some that unfortunately end in disaster. For many reasons, being the victim of a car accident is one of the most traumatic and stressful events anyone can go through. But there's no need to handle the burden of such an incident alone.

At Sandel Law Firm, we understand the impact a car accident can have on someone's life. A happy and fruitful existence can be transformed into a constant stream of pain, fear, and anxiety all because of the negligence of another person. Medical expenses can quickly pile up, creating financial stress in addition to the pain and suffering. Also, since the accident may have left you unable to work, paying these bills can be difficult.

What to do following a car accident

This blog recently discussed a hit-and-run pedestrian accident and it is important to note that hit-and-run accidents can be particularly serious. If involved in a car accident, it is helpful to know what to do following a car accident because the period immediately following one can be stressful and chaotic. To begin with, it is important not to leave the scene of an accident, especially if injuries or fatalities are involved.

When an individual involved in a car accident leaves the scene of an accident, they risk liability for a hit-and-run accident which can include criminal liability. In addition, hit-and-run drivers may be liable to victims for the harm they caused. If a hit-and-run driver is never identified or located, it is useful for car accident victims to be aware that they may still have options to seek compensation through different insurance options.

3 tips for defensive driving

When you were a teen, you may have felt exhilarated by the idea of getting your driver's license. This achievement likely meant the ability to go where you wanted when you wanted. Because the excitement likely outweighed any other thoughts you had about driving, you probably did not dwell too long on the possible risks that driving could present.

Now that you are older and possibly have teenage drivers of your own, you may think more often about the risks travelers take when driving on busy roadways. Unfortunately, serious accidents could take place in the blink of an eye, and you or a loved one could end up with severe injuries. Therefore, you may wish to remain as safe on the road as possible.

Ohio distracted driving laws

Pedestrian accident victims have important legal resources to consider. In a nearby community approximately 45 minutes north of the Akron area, a pedestrian was recently killed while crossing the street. The driver of the vehicle that struck the pedestrian failed to stop and fled the scene of the auto-pedestrian accident following it. The car that struck that pedestrian was described as a dark-colored sedan. The pedestrian was taken to a local hospital by emergency responders where he died. Police are seeking information related to the accident.

Auto-pedestrian accidents can be devastating for victims and their families. Victims may suffer serious injuries and families of victims killed in a fatal pedestrian accident may suffer the loss of their loved ones. The legal process realizes the harm to victims that results from an auto-pedestrian accident and provides legal options to help them recover compensation for the damages they have suffered.

Ohio distracted driving laws

Distracted driving is a problem everywhere and is a concern in Ohio. Ohio has had a distracted driving law for 5 years but a period of informing drivers about the dangers of distracted driving preceded enforcement of the law. Texting while driving is banned in Ohio and novice drivers are prohibited from using a cell phone while driving. Following the education campaign period, authorities began issuing tickets for distracted driving and the fine for adult drivers is $150.

In Ohio, distracted driving is considered a secondary offense which requires the police officer to pull the driver over for another violation to also be able to cite them for texting while driving or distracted driving; in other words, in Ohio, the police officer cannot pull the driver over for texting while driving alone. Drivers in Ohio are not permitted to use an electronic device to compose, send or read text messages while driving. Distracted driving can cause extensive damages to victims.

Ohio truck driver convicted in fatal truck accident

Commercial vehicle accidents can result in serious injuries for victims and liability for negligent drivers. An Ohio man was recently convicted of causing a fatal accident while driving distracted. The man was driving a 30,000 pound tractor trailer when he crashed into stopped traffic while participating in a Facebook quiz on his smartphone. The traffic was stopped for construction. In addition, the man was accused of driving while impaired and being under the influence of oxycodone.

The fatal truck accident resulted in the death of one victim and injuries to several other victims. The man was found guilty of reckless driving causing death and two counts of reckless driving causing serious impairment of bodily function. The man was also found guilty of 3 similar misdemeanors. Reckless driving causing death can be punished by 15 years in prison.

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