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Do drivers have different duties when children are present?

When an Ohio resident gets behind the wheel of their car they are expected to operate their vehicle with care and to act reasonably given the circumstances that they encounter. That can mean slowing down when traffic builds, using caution when weather makes it difficult to see and practicing safe driving at intersections where they may encounter other automobiles or pedestrians.

It also means practicing awareness of important child-related zones, such as those near schools and parks, and using caution to avoid tragic collisions with children. School-aged children are often the victims of auto-pedestrian accidents because they are small and difficult for drivers to see; given children's propensities for following their impulses drivers are tasked with using caution in these zones to prevent injuries and deaths.

Legal representation for victims of summer vehicle accidents

During the summer, many Ohio residents take to the roads to enjoy a common American practice: the family road trip. As they pile into their cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles, families undoubtedly pack with them the supplies they will need to make their trips successful. Road trips can take a lot of planning, but when they are undertaken with preparation and care, they can be incredibly fun activities.

One thing that individuals often cannot prepare for is the negligent conduct of other drivers. Whether due to drunk driving, distracted driving or another cause, a negligent or reckless driver may not only stop a family's road trip, but also cause the members of that family serious and possibly life-threatening harm.

Did you know your sunglasses could affect your driving?

Many people wear sunglasses on a regular basis. Some individuals may do so as a fashion statement, and others may simply appreciate the protection sunglasses provide their eyes. In particular, having sunglasses on when driving on sunny days could help reduce the risk of having an accident, but only if you have the right pair.

While your shades may be able to block some sun glare, you may want to understand that the type of sunglasses you wear could affect your driving. Before you grab your favorite pair of sunnies and hit the road, you may want to give them a once over to determine whether they are truly safe for driving.

The long-term impact of common car accident injuries

Ohio readers understand that the impact of a serious car accident can reverberate throughout various areas of their lives. If you are a victim of a collision, it is beneficial to act quickly to understand what your rights are and how you can protect yourself.

Car accident injuries, even those suffered in low-speed impacts, can have a lingering effect on your life. You may experience pain, limitations and other complications for weeks or months after the original accident. You have the right to know your legal options and how you can move forward to protect your interests after an accident.

Job connections may affect parties in a truck accident case

If our Ohio readers of this post have ever been hired to take on jobs, then they may have been asked to sign and read contracts that outline the terms of their employment. In those contracts, the individuals may see if they are designated as employees of the entities which have hired them or independent contractors. While employees are generally considered extensions of their employers and part of the organizations for which they work, independent contractors operate as their own business entities that contract with others to perform work.

This subtle designation can make a big difference in a case of a truck accident. This is because many truck drivers are independent contractors and not employees of the entities for which goods are hauled. That is to say, a driver may operate their own freight hauling business, and as an independent contractor, may contract with a company to deliver the company's goods from one location to another without becoming an employee of the company.

Should car accident claims be settled out of court?

Readers of this Ohio-based vehicle accident legal blog may have heard the term, "settlement," with regard to personal injury cases. A settlement is an agreement that the parties to a pending legal matter come to after negotiations.

With regard to a car accident claim, a victim may agree to settle their claim for a certain sum of money in exchange for giving up their present and future rights to sue the responsible party for any additional losses related to the incident. Consider an accident in which the victim suffers significant bodily injury. They amass medical bills and lose pay from taking time off the job. Weeks after their accident, they receive a settlement offer from a representative for the party who caused their accident for $100,000.

Statistics on pedestrian accidents paint alarming picture

Car accidents happen with an incredible amount of frequency, but readers of this Ohio personal injury law firm may not realize just how often pedestrians become victims of vehicle crashes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 4,700 pedestrians were killed in accidents with vehicles in 2013.

In addition to the staggering amount of fatalities caused by collisions with vehicles, another 66,000 pedestrians suffered injuries when they were struck by motor vehicles. This means that during 2013, a person died from a pedestrian accident every two hours, and another person was hurt in a similar accident every 8 minutes.

Law enforcement officials warn about preventable vehicle crashes

One of the most frustrating things about car accidents is that many of them are preventable. In fact, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has recently started a campaign to make drivers aware of one particularly common and avoidable type of crash: failure to yield collisions.

Summer marks a dangerous time for teen drivers in Ohio

As school ends and summer begins, there are more drivers on the road. People are traveling, and with kids out of school, there are a higher number of young drivers on the road as well. Ohio readers know that, when there are more people on the road, there is a higher chance of an accident occurring.

Summer is a time when there are more teens involved in accidents than during other times of the year. Drivers would be wise to exercise extra caution during the busy summer months, but you would also find it beneficial to understand how to protect yourself if you suffer injuries due to another person's reckless or negligent driving. 

What are common forms of driving distractions?

Anyone who has tried to work while hungry or tired understands how hard it is to focus when their attention is on something other than their job. All across Ohio individuals struggle with distractions on a daily basis and while in most situations a distraction is only a momentary break from a more important task in some contexts distractions are potentially life-threatening perils.

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