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Pedestrian accidents causes similar to those of car accidents

At the core of most accidents is negligence, and negligence occurs when someone fails to meet their duty of care to others. In Ohio, negligence-based accidents happen on the roads each and every day, and victims emerge from their incidents with a range of injuries and losses. This post will examine some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents and how they parallel causes of dangerous vehicle accidents.

One of the main causes of road-based accidents is driver negligence. This can take on many forms. For example, a driver may be inattentive or distracted and, through their carelessness, may fail to signal when they plan to change lanes. This could cause them to collide with another vehicle or could fail to give a pedestrian warning that the driver's car will maneuver into a new position on the road. Both of these outcomes are dangerous to others and may suggest driver negligence.

What is a hit-and-run accident?

When a car accident occurs on an Akron road, it is normal for the uninjured parties involved in the crash to find a safe place to get out of their vehicles and to assess the damage that has happened. They will generally exchange pertinent information, such as their contact information, insurance providers and numbers and vehicle information so that they may make claims for the recovery of their losses.

In some cases, however, the victims of a car accident may not get to obtain this oftentimes important data on the responsible driver. This is because the responsible driver did not stop after causing the accident and their identity is unknown. In scenarios such as this, the victims have been involved in a hit-and-run accident because they have been left alone at the scene of their collision.

Ohio man killed while working on his truck

Truck drivers have to travel long distances that can take them far from their homes. While they are on the road they can face many perils and may have to deal with a host of difficult driving and operating scenarios. While this Ohio-based personal injury and vehicle accident legal blog often focuses on liability in commercial vehicle crashes, this post will discuss the details of a recent accident that claimed the life of an Ohio trucker.

According to a recent report, the 41-year-old victim of the recent truck accident was a resident of Dorset and was hauling his rig through New York. His vehicle became disabled on Interstate 86 and he was forced to stop on that road. While out of his rig and attempting to make repairs to it, the victim was struck by another tractor-trailer and eventually died from the injuries that he suffered.

How insurance adjusters use social media to deny your claim

Like many, you may find your drive to work frustrating and boring. You distract yourself with your favorite radio station or playlist, and you try not to think about what waits for you at the store or the office. At a traffic light, you may pull out your phone and take a selfie and post it to your social media page, since you look especially good today.

A few miles up the road, another driver T-bones you at an intersection. You know what to do, so you call the police, take the contact information from witnesses, use your phone to document the accident and accept treatment from Ohio emergency medical technicians who arrive. You are shocked when time passes and you receive a letter that the insurance company has denied your claim.

Highway auto-pedestrian accidents raise difficult legal issues

Pedestrian accidents often occur in locations where cars and people commonly meet. At crosswalks and in busy retail areas, near schools and parks, as well as in parking lots and on neighborhood streets, auto-pedestrian accidents happen in those places where Ohio residents must walk and be near moving cars. However, less frequently do these tragic incidents occur on roads with higher speeds, such as highways and interstates.

Most highways and freeways do not permit walkers, joggers or other types of pedestrians. They do not have sidewalks or crosswalks, nor do they provide signage or lights where individuals may safely get from one side of the high-speed roads to the other. When pedestrians choose to be on these types of roads and suffer injuries in collisions with automobiles, the pedestrians can sometimes be at fault for the crashes.

Strong representation to get back on your feet after an accident

After a car accident, an Akron resident may not know what they should do to protect their rights. They may be preoccupied with healing their accident-related wounds, finding help to accomplish their daily needs and making sure other victims are safe and comfortable as they recover. As time passes, they may be less likely to take active steps to investigate and understand their legal rights.

For example, personal injuries suffered in automobile accidents can be compensable if victims take appropriate action in time. The state's statute of limitations can preclude otherwise eligible victims from pursuing their damages in court if they choose to file their legal actions too late. Claims based on negligence and other personal injury claims can provide victims with the financial support they need to become whole again, but only if they initiate their lawsuits in time.

Certain drivers must hold commercial drivers' licenses

Anyone who wants to legally drive a personal vehicle in Ohio must first obtain a driving credential. That credential could be a permit, which gives a driver supervised options for operating motor vehicles, or a license, which allows them to drive on their own. Additionally, drivers of commercial vehicles must also obtain licenses and those licenses are different than those required of individual drivers.

For example, a commercial driver's license requires a driver to pass certain tests that challenge their knowledge, skills and abilities to operate certain commercial vehicles. Those vehicles include multi-trailer trucks, tanker trucks, passenger vehicles like buses and trucks that carry hazardous materials. These vehicles pose certain dangerous to individuals on the roads and, as such, those who drive them must be properly trained on how to maneuver them.

Here's a picture of how snapping accident photos may help you

Your favorite song lyrics fill your ears as you move to the music on your way to work. However, seemingly out of nowhere, another motorist strikes your automobile. Suddenly, the sound of colliding metal fills your ears in place of your favorite song, and your desire to dance has died.

In addition to being shaken emotionally as a result of the accident, you may find yourself with serious injuries following the crash. Fortunately, if the car accident resulted from another driver's carelessness, it is within your rights to seek justice in Ohio. Taking photos of the accident scene and of your injuries may be helpful for you down the road in this regard.

Facts can play an important role in auto-pedestrian accidents

Our readers may have had this common experience: while recounting the details of a past event, they were interrupted by someone else who claims that the occurrence happened in a different way. Two people who were both present when the event occurred may have two varying recollections of how the event unfolded. This situation often happens when individuals are asked to recall how and why an automobile accident happened.

The parties to a vehicle crash may remember the facts of their case in different ways. For example, in a collision between a pedestrian and a car, a driver may claim that the pedestrian was not in the crosswalk when the incident occurred, while the pedestrian may remember that they were crossing in the crosswalk and with the crossing light when the car hit them in the street.

Who can you sue after a commercial vehicle accident?

Commercial drivers work long hours to carry the goods Akron residents want and need to their local retailers. While many commercial drivers are careful, conscientious individuals who take pride in their safe operating records, others may look for ways to bend the rules and get their work done faster than the law technically would allow them to do. A prior post here discussed how commercial drivers are generally subject to hours of service regulations. When drivers make mistakes or cut corners, they put the safety of other motorists in jeopardy.

A commercial vehicle accident can be a devastating event. The injuries that a victim may suffer can be life-threatening and may change the course of their life forever. A victim may never fully recover from the physical harm they suffered in the incident and may experience long-term emotional suffering as a result of their ordeal.

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