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What car accident victims need to know about negligence

Car accidents are, unfortunately, quite common in Ohio. It is fairly likely that a resident of Akron will be involved in a collision with another vehicle at some point in their lifetime. If they are not the cause of their crash, then they may be a victim of another person's negligence.

Negligence is what results when a person fails to act in accordance with standards expected of someone in their situation. For example, the driver of a vehicle is expected to act reasonably and responsibly as would befit an average person of their experience and capacity. A reasonable driver would not speed or drive drunk in violation of state laws. They also would not allow distractions, such as text messages or music, take their attention away from their priority of safely driving. Many types of behavior may constitute negligence for a driver and may expose them to civil liability for the harm they cause.

Commercial drivers may be subject to hours of service regulations

Drivers in Ohio may notice that more large commercial vehicles are on the state's interstates and highways as the evening turns into night and fewer personal vehicles are on the roads. Clear roads and fewer hazards can allow truck drivers to make better time as they drive their loads to their destinations. However, drivers who operate at night and all other times of the day should be rested and alert so that they do not cause accidents with other motorists.

One way that the law attempts to prevent exhaustion-related accidents with truck drivers is through the imposition of hours of service regulations. Hours of service regulations dictate how long a driver may operate without a break, the maximum number of hours that a driver can be behind the wheel without sleeping and the number of breaks a driver must take in a set period of time.

Will it ever be possible to stop distracted driving?

Distracted driving is one of the most significant threats to the safety and well-being of Ohio drivers. This has been a growing concern for a number of years, but there is no sign that the problem is diminishing. In fact, due to more cell phone use than ever before and more vehicles coming with distracting infotainment systems, it is possible that this issue will only get worse. 

With drivers more distracted than ever, researchers and authorities continue their quest to find ways to combat distracted driving. Through civil and criminal penalties, as well as widespread awareness campaigns, people hope to encourage more drivers to refrain from engaging in distracting behaviors while behind the wheel.

Drunk driving is a danger to Ohio residents

Drunk driving is a dangerous practice because intoxicated drivers generally do not have the capacity to respond to changing road conditions like sober drivers. A drunk driver may not be able to react to a pedestrian in the road or may not be able to avoid a collision if a vehicle in their vicinity comes to a stop. Because drinking and driving is so perilous to the health and safety of Ohio residents, the state has created significant criminal laws against engaging in the practice.

However, despite the many reasons that individuals should avoid drunk driving, people in Akron and other parts of the state still get behind the wheel of their cars after consuming beer, wine and other intoxicating beverages. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publish data on drunk driving accidents and fatalities, and the information as it relates to Ohio is very serious.

Accident at intersection claims a life

Crossing through the intersection of two streets is normally a relatively safe activity, given that the individuals who are driving their vehicles respect the rules of the road and the signage posted in the area. Every day Ohio drivers successfully navigate these common roadway interchanges and few suffer harm as a result of collisions or accidents. However, a very violent crash in an intersection recently occurred near Akron and that collision took the life of a 38-year-old woman.

The incident happened at the intersection of U.S. Route 62 and California Avenue NE in Stark County. The victim was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a 35-year-old man. The driver was proceeding through the intersection in the early evening when a car coming onto the cross street failed to stop at the red light. The negligent driver's vehicle collided with the victim's and left the victim with fatal injuries.

Fighting for victims of commercial vehicle accidents

An accident involving an Ohio resident and a commercial vehicle is not like one between two passenger vehicles. Aside from the fact that commercial vehicles are often much larger and potentially more damaging that personal vehicles, commercial vehicles carry with them a variety of questions regarding who owns them, who is responsible for maintaining them and who is tasked with training their drivers.

A commercial vehicle accident case may include a wide range of possible defendants. Aside from the vehicles' drivers, victims may sue the entities that caused the vehicles to be on the roads, the companies that owed the vehicles, the insurers who provide policies that cover the vehicles and many others. The facts of a commercial vehicle crash will often determine just how wide of a scope a victim may employ when preparing their initial pleading for damages.

Kids are common victims in pedestrian accidents

One of the best parts of being a kid is having the free time to run, play and generally experience a good time with one's friends and siblings. In Ohio, it is not uncommon to see groups of children sledding down hills in the winter, playing sports in the summer and just hanging out together any time of the year. Children know how to have a good time, and in some cases their enthusiasm for getting where they want to go overrides their developing senses of patience and responsibility. These factors can put them at risk for putting themselves in to dangerous situations.

Particularly children between the ages of 5 and 9 are at risk of suffering serious injuries and death in auto-pedestrian accidents. Children younger than this age group may often be with their parents or guardians and under their protection, while children over this group of ages may have more understanding of what it means to be safe when near streets and vehicles. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 tend to be small and potentially difficult for drivers to see. All of these factors may contribute to serious collisions between vehicles and kids.

Taking action after an accident

The moments, hours and days following a motor vehicle accident are often hazy and confusing. You have concern for the condition of your loved ones and uncertainty about what to do next. Being injured, and in pain, may compound your confusion.

While being in this condition is certainly not the time to be making important decisions, you may nevertheless face many questions. Difficult as it may be, making the right decisions immediately following a traffic accident may be crucial to your family's well-being.

Distracted driving affects truckers, commercial vehicle drivers

When Akron residents think of distracted drivers, they likely think of teens and young adults with cell phones in their hands while they are behind the wheels of their cars. This imagery is not inaccurate: young drivers have caused and have been involved in dangerous distracted driving accidents throughout the nation due to their use of texting and other communication devices.

However, practically all portions of the driving population engage in distracted driving, even one that some readers may not have initially considered. Truck drivers and drivers of commercial vehicles, just like drivers of private vehicles, can and do drive with distractions when their attention should be on the roads.

Compensation may be available after a vehicle accident

Each day accidents between cars, trucks and other motor vehicles happen on Akron roads and highways. Many of the incidents that result when automobiles collide are minor happenings that force individuals to delay their plans and deal with their insurance companies to get their vehicles fixed. However, in some cases, accident victims suffer significant and even life-threatening injuries that require them to seek significant and immediate medical support.

A car accident can inflict serious harm on a victim's body. From the top of a victim's head to the tips of their toes their body may suffer a multitude of injuries from a single collision. Car accident victims, depending upon the type and severity of their collisions, can suffer traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, damaged organs, internal bleeding and other serious medical complications.

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